Choosing underwear needn’t be all pants

On Mar 20th, 2013

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Sheffield is a wonderful city, I love it, but it’s not always the greatest retailing experience. Wandering around the city centre I found myself drifting into Wayne’s shop for some advice and a chat. I left the shop a while later all loaded with advice and some great Patagonia base layer pieces.

A thin Merino wool zip top and the Capilene running vest are definitely on the final list for the trip.
You can’t beat Merino wool in colder weather, it wears and wears, it’s tried and tested, working hard to keep some warmth in and the moisture out. The Patagonia piece I have adopted is superb in fit, it’s really thin, really light and even looks good, but the really cool thing for prolonged use is simple, it just doesn’t pong even after a weeks hard use.

How far away from the old days are we now ! The old days when one run in a budget synthetic top would drive your partner to extraordinary levels of creativity to get you out of any room she was inhabiting or worse, even driving you to shower!

Wayne Edy at Naked Ape, Outdoor retailers and Patagonia specialists.

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