On May 4th, 2014

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End of chapter 5. Reaching Istanbul. The facts and figures about Istanbul are jaw dropping. Population over 14 million. Established 7th Century BC etc.. etc… But from a personal point of view I reckon it must be the longest distance of any city end to end spread out over the two continents. To me it seemed like there were two cities to go through before you reached the honey pot tourist centre of the Golden Horn. Each big city area has grown up because of the incredibly narrow strips of land that connects them even before you get to the Bosphorus. Great for many things but a pig on two legs with no engine :  )

Istanbul 01

Big city area number one.

Istanbul 02

Welcome to an urban environment. No camping here please!

Istanbul 03

Gromit is excited to see the busy trade shipping too-ing and fro-ing on the Bosphorus. Shortly before this with 6 miles to the room we booked he broke his arm. In the words of the immortal pop band ‘Steps’ …Tragedy!

Istanbul 04

I found some friendlies. Fishermen landing their mussels before we got all super urban again. It was wet, gray and raining.

Istanbul 05

Photographers superparadise is Istanbul.

Istanbul 06

The little red house. I’m sure is of great significance. ‘Take a picture first, think later’ is the motto of the road that is The Road of Many Colours.

Istanbul 07

Brilliant colours. Getting all photo serious.
I have never seen so many expensive SLRs DSLR’s CSC’s and long lenses, so many camera shops, equipment and openly flaunted photographic wealth in my life.
And all I had was this little Canon compact. Still feeling small in a crowd was a problem I got over soon after puberty : )

Istanbul 08

If you cant beat them, take the same tourist picture expected… Tee Hee

Istanbul 10

Lovely low evening light at the Blue Mosque. A truly great wonder of the world – inside and out.


Blossom at the Mosque

 … and so Chapter 5 ended and a few days later I winged my way home. Gromit needed a repair. I was shattered, but didn’t realise it until we hit lovely Sheffield and my beloved Peak District.
I was confused on reaching Istanbul – there was no sense of elation, no sense of achievement, just a feeling of absolutely flat – Oh OK I’m here. Well done you. But no emotion. It really is a beautiful place from every angle. But as greater people than I have said before…’It’s the people that make the place’ and I say the people here that make this trip.
And they are absolutely great.
…to be continued.

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