still running to everest?

On Dec 30th, 2016

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the question I get asked the most is am I going to complete my run? the short answer is yes. the real question is when? which is the difficult one.

I have fully committed to what I set out to do. I have to finish. In my mind there is no choice, it just is. It is in me now and to not finish would break my heart and leave me a miserable and even grumpier old man, if that’s possible!

It all depends on how successful the secret project I have been working on becomes.

At the moment I am committed to finishing a wonderful project that I am so proud of. This will hopefully feed me and provide some funds to carry on. It should do.

I have given it my all to date, but I have run out of things to sell and small projects to do to help me live day to day as I write, so I am seeking freelance work and commissions for food.

A ground breaking fundraising project.

The project will hopefully give me the means to fundraise on a national level and may even entertain and amuse a few people.
It is a beautiful idea and however tempting it is to launch it early, I am determined to keep it under wraps until all the necessary support and diligence is completed and the product is finished to a standard of excellence. This way it stands a better chance of working as brilliantly as I believe it will – eventually!

It will be at least another year!

It will take time to get this product to market and to make the most of the work and effort to date. This has to be done thoroughly and with a committed approach, at least another year, otherwise it just won’t work.

The greatest adventures can be at home as well…

If an adventure, which by definition is an exploration with an uncertain outcome, has no definite outcome, then I am still on one great big beauty of one even today.

The secret project, which is at it’s heart, a life philosophy, artistically centred and an exploration of the greatest things in life has taken me to some amazing places in itself.

In a bid to push myself creatively, I am digging deep trying to find new graphical and written ways to express great human themes such as kindness and love.

The work even managed to get me an interview at The Royal College of Art last year. I was unable to convince them that a 53 year old with a lifetime’s work as a graphic designer needed to go back to college for an MA in visual communication in Kensington, London. :  (

Anyway for now, keeping feet firmly planted on the ground… I need to stay focused and remember it’s all about cash flow. I need to keep reminding myself that the run is… a run, but it is also to try and climb the most expensive mountain in the world!





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