the greatest lesson for the world today?

On Sep 20th, 2016

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If I was forced to choose what was the most significant thing that I have learned from observing the many people I have met and spent time with over the last few years it would be quite simply that…

‘We have more in common than we have differences’.

People the world over are so similar, there is a great deal of common ground… many people, and I would argue the majority, have the same fears and have the same aspirations and problems. Lives are predominately concerned with family, care, protection, provision, love and kindness regardless of their circumstance.

I guess I feel compelled to write this short note as I believe this is such a fundamental need. With all the horror and inequality of the world at the moment… if there is one simple maxim to hang onto and share on an individual level, for the world in general, it is that we are all one and any differences need to be put aside.

The title photo: is a group of Albanian workers who grabbed me from the roadside as I had just crossed the border and thrust Vodka into my hand. They weren’t expecting anything, they were just ordinary guys, like everyone at home, who were taking a break. It was an act of universal bonding, it was a couple of glasses of Vodka but above all it was just fun.

The running got harder after a drink, but the smile was broad.





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