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On Aug 11th, 2016

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Fundraising: The plan, was to start fundraising in earnest nearer the end of the trip, as the end point was a two months away. This plan still stands.

Funds raised for Alzheimer’s Society.

Every penny went directly via the JustGiving.com website
£540.00 of the £80,000 from 21 supporters by October 2014.
Thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you to everyone who helped me, everyone who provided moral support, kit and general advice.

A busy designer and a secret project!

I have been working flat out, since I came back to the UK, an average of 14 hours a day for the last 2 years – all unpaid and without grants or benefits.
This has meant a whole new level of frugal living… selling the last of my possessions, doing a very modest amount of freelance work and being fed, showered and offered a bed by a few close friends on occasions.

A ground breaking fundraising project.

The project will give me the means to fundraise on a national level and will hopefully surprise and delight a few people.
It is a beautiful idea and however tempting it is to launch it early, I am determined to keep it under wraps until all the necessary support and diligence is completed and the product is finished to a standard of excellence. This way it stands a better chance of working as brilliantly as I believe it will – eventually!

A few statistics:

3,423 miles covered so far (including all diversions and detours) From Sheffield to the centre of Turkey. (nr. Samsun).
Average mileage per day travelling 23 miles.
The journey is about enjoying every day where possible rather than punishing myself.
So the strategy was a slow but steady approach to the running.
It took 6 months after finishing for my feet to stop aching.
Running shoes lasted around 800 miles (Saucony Grid).
Longest continuous distance: 46 miles.
Photographs taken en route: Across 30+ projects – over 21,300 as well as 840 diary pages.
Great or beautiful photographs: considerably less!

Promises will be kept:

I promised that every person who donated towards the roadofmanysmiles.com would get a book when it is published. This still stands.
I also promised to do my best, to finish the journey and to attempt to climb Mt Everest. This also still stands as does the major commitment to raise £80,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

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