Turkey & the D100 to Istanbul

On Apr 10th, 2014

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A quick photo blog getting to Istanbul (nearly).
Well some of the more positive images to be truthful. There were, and still are, some pretty big long, wide roads leading to Istanbul. Pretty scary, I imagine if you are driving and certainly pretty scary on two legs attached to a 50kg trailer of a unique pedigree.

01 Walking

Things felt like we were heading East. These kind gentlemen were on a days hiking down the main road. I hesitate, who am I to judge : )


One of my favorites pics of the trip so far. Innocence and motorcycles. The Honda City 50. A legend ( Officionados might notice, actually this might not be the C50 but a good lookey likey). My all prevailing memory of my very first motorcycle was less accomplished than these two. Brother Julian and I bump started a Honda CG125 down Shore Lane in Sheffield and I not knowing what a clutch was or how it worked drove the beast over a planter and up a wall to more humiliation than damage to the purple tanked monster.


Look into my eyes… I hesitate to wax any more lyrical about the soul of the Shepherd. I just think about Paulo Coelho’s seminal piece ‘The Alchemist’ every time and feel humbled by its greatness.


Camping in Middle Earth was not as innocent as it seemed. There was no bird song, no insects, no dew in the morning and an ominous quiet in this pesticide prevalent piece of our planet.


A fisherman waves back and keeps me grounded and reassured the world is in balance, where all about is Turkish holiday flats and expensive living.


April from the new Turkish Calendar – Tractor Love 2014. ‘traktör aşk’


In a race with a horse. The horse will always win over the small man and a large yellow fibreglass box. Even if the box has doggie soul and miles on it’s side. His prize – One Granola Bar.


Actual selfie of self running. What do you call this? A runnie?


Long road. Long straight road. Not even the Via Egnatia of great and amazing historical significance that connected ancient Rome with Istanbul / Constantinople. Very long. Very straight. Did I already say that?


One of the ways I pass the time on long sections when I stop. Collecting selfies in shadow in strange positions. What’s that called? A Shall-we?


Kerrash_not_so_easy_rider. Spirit on the road. Born to Ride. Ride to Crash. It’s a caption competition!


This be a pair of them – Saucony Ride 6’s – pair number 4 or is it 5 I forget. Damn fine shoes.


A lifelong obsession with sheep had left Walter (1956 Gurning Championship second place) delightfully charismatic and mysterious.


More road and a lorry for the photo diary. All in a day’s work…


Another one of them ‘Runnie’ things.


Despite a grumpy mood and a determination to mind my own business. These rascals kept shouting ‘photo’. I acceded and my mood was lifted. It is definitely all about the people on this journey. I wish I could thank them.


Sunny Silivri harbourside


Nearly at Tekirdag


How I spent my 51st birthday. One shot from a great many photos of workers on a 12 mile roadworks. So many smiles and so much cooperation to pose despite operating heavy machinery, road rollers that kind of thing. Happy Birthday me. A good day.


Another policeman photo for the bag of ‘one from every country’ collection. I wasn’t sure whether he felt sorry for me and complied or was genuinely interested in my quest. Great sense of humour tho’


This last road shot is more to balance out the series of images and try and reinforce just how much road there is to Istanbul. 2600 miles of it to be precise. That’s a lot of Tarmac.

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