What has been learned from the first half of this epic run?

On Nov 8th, 2016

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Other than 3,423 miles of tarmac gives you sore feet… I am greatly humbled to have been allowed to get as far as I did.

Once the dust had settled on the initial frustration. After I had dealt with all the angry emotions and I got stuck into the big idea to help me carry on as soon as was possible, I have been able to take stock of the gold mine of personal reflection and soul searching.

Having a motorcycle crash was probably the best thing that could have happened in my life.

I have said this to many people… and after the initial shock they have all understood, as I did, that it was the chance to have a second go at a life. This was a huge opportunity, and a rare one it would seem. It appears that it takes a giant life event, like bereavement or an accident, to stop most people in their tracks before they can make any real changes in their life.

Rebuilding my life from the ground up.

It gave me a window to reflect and consider what was important and an opportunity for a complete restart. It led to challenging and questioning of nearly every aspect of my life, my values, my beliefs and a complete restructuring of what is important and what isn’t.

Healing and recuperation.

I would set philosophical challenges every morning to exercise the mental muscles, as well as the leg and lung ones, before resorting to audio books, podcasts or music.
I like me now. I can’t say that I liked me a great deal when I set off, or indeed liked myself, most of my life. This basic core of self disapproval has probably been the weak foundation and root cause of most of the rollercoaster ups and downs of my life up until the accident.

A huge upside.

Out of this rebuilding of a personal life framework – I have explored huge subjects and found some interesting ways of looking at the emotional side of our lives.

This is all coming together as a secret project which I hope will prove to be useful or at least entertaining or thought provoking for people later on as the project rolls out over the next few years.

I can highly recommend pushing yourself and surprising yourself at something, anything really where you are uncomfortable and uncertain of the outcome. The other side of the tunnel can be a great feeling.






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